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We offer a menu approach either a comprehensive programme from “soup to nuts” or any component part or parts. Our consulting is entirely bespoke to whatever you desire. We have breadth of experience in every sector from Investment Banking to Charities and from Manufacturing to Retail and from logistics to local authorities. We exceed the requirements for all current and proposed legislation and standards. Our style is highly practical. As part of your BCM Lifecycle and Business Continuity Management System we can help with:

Programme Management

Your systemic approach to delivering business continuity.  This includes governance documents such as policy, projects, deliverables and the resources such as time, personnel, budget, training, and equipment to ensure success.

Understanding Your Business

Risk Evaluation

We are clear about the difference between risks and BIA. We can effectively measure upside and downside risks and provides the business case to manage them with a hierarchy of controls. This may help with your insurance programme or fundamentally to avoid disruptions and perils in the first place.

Business Impact Analysis

Our stock in trade is simplicity. “BIA in a day” is almost unheard of. In one day on site we can gather all the information required to form the substance of the people, processes, premises, providers, public relations and dependencies. On those measurements we can make the analysis – the judgement to identify what is time critical. This is the foundation of the business continuity plan, the sequence of priority and resources to restore first things first.

Developing BCM Strategies

These are the building blocks of the BCM.  We can offer cost effective solutions from global strategies to individual succession planning.  We want to help you select strategies that are value for money, scaleable and integrated with everyone that influences or has touch-points with your organisation.

Implementing your Response

We can propose and recommend the most appropriate plans, procedures and protocols for your organisation. You will never have to start from scratch because our consultants have experience in every industrial sector and have created and shaped effective responses that are award winning and world class.

Emergency response

Raise the alarm, evacuate or invacuate, account for staff and visitors, health, safety, welfare and security. Our advice delivers environmental sustainability, containment and damage limitation tools and techniques.

Incident Management

The “Golden Hour” of winning control over a crisis. The ability to convene a team, that can make decisions with limited information and move at the speed of the event. Our style is the application of common sense to ensure command, control and communications achieve order out of chaos.

Business Continuity Plans

Once stability has been achieved after the incident management phase critical processes can be continued or restored. These are integrated never isolated and are easy to navigate so that reserves, alternatives, contingencies and communications can be deployed or relocated to continue, protect and restore critical processes.

IT Disaster Recovery

Technical resilience and recovery options for; infrastructure, connectivity, hardware, applications, data to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of IT. This may include 3rd parties and DR contract specification and negotiation.

Testing and Exercising

Our rehearsals are our flagship.  We have facilitated hundreds of exercises and our client feedback is legendary.  We ensure every participant is inoculated from fear of the unknown, that plans are validated realistically and that our hot and cold debriefs capture the details to guarantee success.  We never humiliate, we always challenge and we win the charm offensive to make BCM attractive and purposeful for everyone.

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Embedding into the Your Organisation’s Culture

To Adtapt, business continuity is not a burden. It is not extra work it is merely part of work. Our style is to make BCM a personal responsibility. We have innovative awareness and visibility campaign ideas from films to games and from podcasts to posters. We can help you make BCM unforgettable and a benefit to working life.

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