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3. Human Resources in Business Continuity



To train business continuity practitioners or HR managers in preparing their organisations for the human aspects of business continuity management.


This is a highly practical and interactive course on the human aspects of business continuity management.  There will be role play, exercises and a set of documentation will be issued as part of the course.

  • Explanation of the human physiology regarding business continuity.
  • Performance, motivation and industrial relations.
  • Inoculation against fear of the unknown.
  • Emotional response before, during and after events.
  • The roles and responsibilities of emergency services and responders and integration with organisations.
  • Risks and control measures for disease, trauma, physical injury and security.
  • What should be included in the HR plan in crisis, continuity and recovery phases?
  • Succession planning, reinforcement, relocation and replacement
  • Latent and ongoing challenges and post event welfare tools and techniques.
  • Specification and selection of professional employee assistance.


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